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What Others Are Saying About DTO


I started using the simpler method of DTO for smaller things and i’ve managed to clear some decent stuff, i even  sorted out symptoms i’ve had for years

I still use the more advanced method of clearing guilts and shames under emotional responses but for smaller problems the method from the book seems to work easier for me at least recently 

I also found the tips on focusing on the words do the opposite really helpful as my mind always seems to wonder while doing that so that’s really helped!

Ryan Shellard


I like your book, very much


DTO handbook is clearly set out, the drawings help with keeping it light & an easy read. You keep the reader wanting to know more & clearly explain DTO Plenty of info for further help & learning more.

Sandra Harnor


"DTO is an amazing therapy and has totally changed my life, so I was intrigued to learn more about it and how it actually worked.
Absolutely loved this book and its quirky little illustrations. It's informative, to the point and really easy for everyone to understand

Bobby Leigh Town


A very effective and yet simple technique to switch off negative emotions quickly. It takes about 10 minutes and is a Godsend right now (in the midst of a 'pandemic') to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings.

Sandra Carradageaus 

Pink Graphic Shapes

Well what can I say the most powerful book I’ve read and understood. The DTO handbook is an easy read which I read within a few hours and I will continue to read it again for as long as I need it. It literally switches off responses and beliefs and love the exercises you get to begin with. I’m naturally happier than I’ve ever been. Highly recommend this life changing book.

Hayley Patton

Blue Pattern

Just need to share my experience, my dog has had a lot of stress lately, due to this her skin was so itchy, making herself so sore, the day I met Jonathan saved me so much money when he shared to me how to heal my dog, of course did not believe a word of it, but I gave it a try, within the first week I noticed his healing technique was actually making a difference, she wasn’t scratching as much, and her skin was looking so much better, the third week my dogs skin has healed completely,I was amazed how this actually worked,I will be definitely using this way in the future, thank you so much Jonathan 

Suzi Butler

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