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Get The Book On This Page For £4.99

And I Will Show You How
I Discovered a Simple 4 Step Process That Anyone Can Learn
To Heal Your Stress
And Live a Healthier Happier life 

Get the DTO handbook today and discover the simple 4 step process I use to heal myself of depression and  my clients heal their mind and body when nothing else worked 



Jonathan Shaw 

I help people solve their mental emotional or Physical health when what you have tried has not worked 

My name is jonathan shaw  and in my book, 

The DTO Handbook.....


… I’d like to show you how I have been helping people heal the stress in their lives using a simple 4 step process.

How I can help you start switching off your own stress with this powerful 4 step process 


How even if you have tried other therapies  like counselling, CBT, EFT, NLP but they have not worked for you. why DTO could be the answer 


How even if you know you are blocking & sabotaging yourself and you don't know why or how to solve it to move forwards 

How even if you are not a therapist or know nothing about the mind you can use the 4 steps to start healing yourself 

Or if you’re tired of feeling like shit and just want to feel normal again…


… I can show you how I use this System to get you back feeling healthy calm and peaceful, without talking about or analizing your feeling's till your blue in the face 


I solved my depression in 2013 using this exact system Since then, I’ve perfected and evolved the process  of:

  • Using a simple 4 step process to switch off any negative thought, feeling's or response's within minutes …

  • Using this 4 step process to switch off negative memories or traumas that are still affecting you to this day consciously or unconsciously..

  • Using this 4 step process to switch off your triggers that are currently triggering you on a daily basis  …

  • Using the 4 steps to switch off your fight and flight response thats keeping you stuck in life ...

  • And using the 4 step process to quickly and easily change your thought process during your every day life 

Inside The DTO Handbook, I’ll share with you the exact 4 steps I use to quickly and easily switch off my negative memories and triggers allowing me to heal my 21 years of depression in just 16 weeks and how I use this same 4 steps to help my clients achieve similar results with their health and wellbeing, when traditional and alternative medicine has let them down 

Are You Ready To See
How I Used 4 Simple Steps
To Heal My 21 Year Depression
In 4 Months?

If you’re ready to discover how I use the 4 step process to heal peoples mental emotional and physical health in a matter of weeks get your copy of The DTO Handbook  today for just $4.99 and discover how I…

  • Add 100-150 New Customers Per Day to a business at net zero cost per acquisition (i.e. at breakeven on ad spend) or better…

  • Turn strangers into premium clients without giving away stuff for free, recording endless webinars, or spending a ton of time sending out cold DMs…

  • How to Plan, Write, and Produce a Book from Start to Finish – even if you’re not a writer (spoiler: You don’t even have to write the book yourself…)

  • ​“Sell without Selling” and Close 40% of Sales Calls for High-Ticket Programs without needing high-pressure sales tactics, sleazy “bro marketing”, or a high-ticket closer…

  • ​1 “Set-and-Forget” Book, 1 Funnel, and Scale to $100k/mo – My proven framework for building a $100k/month business by doing less…

  • ​How I use books to create a “passive” business that DOESN’T rely on doing everything all the time to keep it running…

  • ​A complete list of everything required to get a book live, out in the world, and selling so that you can bring in more prospects who are pre-sold on your offers and services.

… And a lot more!


This Book is a MUST READ for…

  • Experts who would like to become the go-to figure in their industry without spending years trying to “get their name out there”...

  • Coaches and course creators looking to increase their ability to serve at scale and add hundreds of students to their programs...

  • Freelancers, consultants, and service providers who want to trade bottom-of-the-barrel projects for higher-paying clients that they LOVE to work with...

  • ​Speakers looking to get off the endless speaking circuit while STILL growing their audience and spreading their message to thousands…

  • Marketers who are tired of giving their best stuff away for free (just to attract leads that never end up buying…)

  • ​Anyone looking for a simpler, more peaceful, and more profitable way to build a 7-figure business by giving more value to their audience…

The DTO Handbook



Digital downloadable version of The DTO Handbook

Audio book version of The DTO Handbook

Video training for the DTO Handbook

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