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Try DTO for FREE - No Credit card required 


Without years of training, Fancy college degrees or meditating on a rock for 20 years 


Shows You How To Heal Your Negative Thoughts And Emotions FAST & EASILY


What Is DTO?

DTO is a powerful but simple technique that can be learnt by anyone to heal your negative thoughts and feelings about past memories or traumas. Change negative beliefs. heal negative triggers and behaviours

Pinpoint & Heal Your Stress

DTO  shows you a step by step system to find the root of your problems without complex analysis or having to understand why you have the problem. 

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Heal Negative Memories/Traumas

Negative memories are one of the biggest causes of all of our problems. With DTO you can heal and release negative memories and traumas quickly and easily without years of training or paying a fortune to therapists that don't help 

Heal Negative Triggers 

The second biggest problem is triggers, Triggers are things that are in our current environment that trigger us into a negative response. with DTO we can switch off the triggers so we no longer have the negative response 

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Release Destructive Behaviours

When we get triggered we often start behaving in ways that we don't want to or don't like about ourselves but we just think that its who we are. but thats not true we can actually heal our negative behaviours using the DTO process.

Change Limiting Beliefs

What we believe has a very powerful effect on our lives and we often don't realise how powerful our thoughts and beliefs are because we are not taught that at school ( although we should be ) The DTO system can help you change your limiting beliefs easily so you can improve your life in all sorts of ways 

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Why Learn DTO?

We are all taught to Exercise, Eat healthy, Juice, Meditate, but we are never taught a simple way to deal with our negative thoughts feelings and memories etc 

In fact we are not even taught that our thoughts and feelings about our past memories/ Traumas are the cause of our problems.


But its TRUE in my 20 years experience I have learned after working with thousands of clients that our past negative memories and traumas our negative emotions, beliefs, thoughts triggers and behaviours are directly responsible for our problems weather its our health, happiness, success, love ,relationships, money, confidence etc its all caused by how we think and feel about those things  

So What Can We Do?

Well I believe if we all knew a simple way to take control of our thoughts feelings beliefs and behaviours the world would be a much better place and everyone would be healthier happier and more successful.

And thats where DTO comes in. DTO is a simple but powerful way to take control of our thoughts and feelings that anyone can do at any age from 5 - 105 at any time and anywhere without years of training or fancy diploma's 

And it doesn't matter if you are a complete novice at dealing with your negative memories/ traumas, thoughts beliefs or triggers or if you have been dabbling with other techniques for a few years or even if your a seasoned professional. DTO is for everyone. 

And even if you have tried other techniques in the past with little or no result. DTO often works when nothing else has 


The DTO Academy is an online membership portal where you can learn the complete DTO system and start changing your life today.

And the best part is you can start learning for FREE. Yes you did read that right I said FREE. It is 100% FREE to become a Member of the DTO Academy. 

Your FREE Membership includes 2 FREE Trainings 


This FREE 7 day training in the DTO system Is designed to introduce you to the DTO process and get you started doing DTO within minutes so you can see how easy it is and yet powerful at the same time 



This introduction to Decoding Illness & Disease is a great basic introduction to a different way to look at why we become ill and diseased. Its the analysis I use with DTO to help my one to one clients heal from chronic Mental, physical illness and pain 




After you have been through the 2 FREE trainings you can either stay as a free member or sign up to the other trainings to learn more about the DTO system and go deeper with your knowledge so you can really make dramatic shifts in your life 

Try DTO for FREE - No Credit card required 


  • Is it really FREE to sign up?
    Yes its 100% free to sign up to the DTO academy no credit card is required
  • Whats included in the FREE membership?
    When you sign up for free today you get 2 FREE trainings ​ The DTO 7 day introductory Training The introductory training in decoding illness & disease ​ Further trainings after that are paid upgrades
  • How long can I access the FREE Trainings for?
    As long as you stay a member you will have access for life
  • Do I have to upgrade to paid trainings?
    Absolutely not if you don't want to go any further or upgrade to more advanced trainings you can stay a free member for as long as you wish.
  • How much are the other trainings?
    The advanced trainings range in different prices
  • Can anyone learn DTO?
    Yes the DTO system is so simple that anyone can learn from a complete novice to a seasoned therapist
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Copyright the DTO Academy 2022
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